The Brown County RDC

The Brown County Redevelopment Commission’s community objective is to foster residential and business growth by engaging government, residents, not-for-profit institutions, schools, businesses and others that support the vision of  Brown County as a better place to live, work and visit.

The commission envisions that through a collaborative process and building upon past planning initiatives — like “Leading Brown County: A Strategic Renewal of Brown County 2020 –  A Vision for the Future” — the community will attract and support the development of new residences and businesses that align with the 2011 Comprehensive Plan for Brown County.

The Brown County 2020 plan recognized that Brown County is a naturally inspired, culturally rich, welcoming and caring community, complete with people who cherish their history, celebrate their present and dream of a future. The plan focused on building the unique strengths of Brown County, preserving the integrity of its rich heritage, people and resources, all while creating a high quality of life for all residents by:

  • supporting collaborative public/private leadership that effectively plans and meets community objectives;
  • promoting arts and history, while continuing to embrace our unique heritage and cultural arts background;
  • balancing sustainable development with responsible stewardship so the natural beauty that inspired our ancestors will be here for future;
  • seeking economic growth opportunities that respect our natural environment and cultural legacy;
  • promoting professional, dependable safety services and public infrastructure;
  • supporting quality educational programs and enrichment opportunities that are essential for individual well being and life-long learning;
  • encouraging healthy lifestyles, prevention and wellness, and accessible, affordable health care;
  • supporting opportunities for residents to have safe, affordable, and accessible housing that is in harmony with our natural resources;
  • promoting activities that develop and support thriving, engaged residents and families.