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Business owners choose Brown County to reap the benefits of a community ripe for clean, green, light industry. They can be environmentally conscious and take an artful approach to their entrepreneurial spirit, using collaborative efforts while respecting the community’s cultural pride and preservation.

Rich with physical and natural beauty, Brown County is an artistic and cultural center teeming with historical significance and centrally located just 10 minutes from Interstate 65, the Big Ten’s Indiana University and the architecturally acclaimed city of Columbus.

When you are just a short drive from Indianapolis, Louisville and Cincinnati, or less than a day’s drive of Nashville, Tenn., Chicago or St. Louis, choosing Brown County means disconnecting from the world’s chaos, but not sacrificing your company’s growth.

Choosing Brown County for your business means utilizing the growing broadband infrastructure that connects populated and rural areas of the county. Fiber optic lines connect each of the three outlying elementary schools with the main campus in downtown Nashville — picking up its neighbors along the way. With these connections and those provided by other competitive companies, business owners remain connected to the broad reaches of the state and world when they choose to locate here.

Nashville trains and grows its own workforce with college and technical classes offered at the Brown County Career Resource Center. Choosing Brown County for your business connects you with this resource and a community of entrepreneurs, artists, service specialists and corporate leaders. Businesses started here branch out to other parts of the state, and when you choose Brown County, you become part of that heritage.

In conjunction with the businesses already here, Brown County leaders choose to focus on industries that protect, yet accentuate the natural surroundings, by supporting eco-tourism ventures like outdoor recreation and adventure sports.

By choosing Brown County, you are supporting and nurturing future growth with the goal of protecting a rural lifestyle within the community and assisting in the expansion of commercial development, arts and crafts.