Live in Brown County


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When you choose Brown County, you become part of a welcoming, close-knit community where you learn your neighbors’ names and take time to chat with them in the grocery store. You have many chances to attend street festivals, become involved in the schools or local government and make a difference in the lives of others.

With the low crime rate and a cost of living lower than the national average, Brown County is a great place to raise your children and experience small-town life. The school system has been recognized for its arts and academics alike. From reigning in state thespian titles to competing three years in a row in the national We The People contest in Washington, D.C. — and winning twice — Brown County Schools affords a low student-teacher ratio and a focus on excellence for students of all levels.

People move to Brown County for different reasons. Corporate executives come here to become potters. Accountants retire here and start painting. Couples come to fulfill their dreams and open a shop or bed and breakfast. People choose to move to Brown County from the city, to raise their families, to settle into retirement. They choose a lifestyle that allows them to be surrounded by the natural beauty, culture, art and history of Brown County.

Staying healthy is important to Brown County citizens, and when you choose Brown County, you have the opportunity to exercise and take classes at the local YMCA and participate in the 5K, 10K and mini-marathon races held here throughout the year. The community has invested in a paved walking path — Salt Creek Trail — to help you get in shape. Once completed, the path will stretch from Nashville to the north entrance to Brown County State Park.

If you aren’t feeling so healthy, you can choose one of two medical doctors in the YMCA facility, each with outside affiliations at nearby hospitals. Stay healthy by seeing one of three optometrists, a chiropractor or the local dentist. Brown County offers you personalized service with people who know you and call you by name.

Choosing to live in Brown County means you value a high quality of life.