Community Organizations

When you choose Brown County, you are also choosing to be part of a wonderful community that has open-hearted organizations that help fellow citizens, as well as provide a social camaraderie with other like-minded individuals seeking a common cause.

Community organizations in Brown County range from interests and hobbies, like art or history, to civic groups and philanthropic support. Here are some groups you can become involved in when you choose Brown County:

Art Alliance Brown County

Art Alliance Brown County is an organization that aims to give artists a network through which to educate, inspire and encourage one another for the benefit of the individual, the community and the public. This group works to uphold the brand “Art Colony of the midwest” and organizes the Artful Dining Gala that raises money for local art and cultural organizations. AABC also assists in planning art events, demonstrating art and offering works for sale, as well as a myriad of teaching and education opportunities.

Brown County Community Band

The Brown County Community Band welcomes musicians of all levels of experience to practice together and perform for the community. The band’s purpose is to provide cultural, recreational and economic benefits to the community in order to advance, develop and foster interest and appreciation of music.

Brown County Community Foundation

The Brown County Community Foundation encourages donors to invest in areas that interest and concern them, which then benefits the community. The foundation studies the community’s needs and awards resources that improve the community in the areas of service, education, health, environment and the arts.

Brown County Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity builds homes and lives, helping families that wouldn’t normally be able to achieve home ownership do so, and thereby breaking the cycle of poverty and improve communities. Habitat joins family and communities together with volunteers and resources to build decent, affordable housing.

Brown County Historical Society

The Brown County Historical Society strives to collect, preserve and present the history of Brown County through the Pioneer Museum and Brown County History Center, both in downtown Nashville. The history center includes exhibit halls and environmentally controlled areas to preserve and archive important historical documents.

Brown County Humane Society

The Humane Society is a volunteer-supported nonprofit organization serving Brown County’s dogs and cats through the county’s only animal shelter, which receives homeless cats and dogs regardless of health, temperament or perceived adoptability. Through the shelter’s spay/neuter assistance program, the number of unwanted pets in the community has decreased by 57 percent in five years. The shelter has achieved and maintained a save rate of more than 95 percent. The national average is 60 percent.

Brown County Native Woodlands Project

The Brown County Native Woodlands Project was started by several like-minded individuals who shared the belief that action must be taken to save Brown County forests from the devastating impact of non-native invasive plant species. The group now strives to educate landowners and managers about the problem, train volunteers to map out the invasive plant infestations, encourage others to eradicate the targeted species, hire crews to remove them when necessary and suggest native plant alternatives.

Community Closet

Community Closet started in the early 1970s when four local women wanted to open a thrift shop to help others. This service organization provides financial assistance, goods and services to low-income residents in Brown County. Community Closet also serves more than 20 other community organizations with the funds volunteers raise. The store is in Nashville on the back side of the Hoosier Buddy and Subway restaurant building.

Friends of Brown County State Park

The Friends of Brown County State Park is a nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to the conservation, preservation, education, research and interpretation of the park. The group staffs and supports events, activities and special projects in the park.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Brown County Library is an organization that raises money for the growing needs of the library. Volunteers advocate, educate and raise funds to support the library’s programs and activities through membership dues, book sales and direct donations.

God’s Grace

God’s Grace provides free clothing, linens and toiletries to residents of Brown County. Launched in 2008 through a ministry of Brown County Presbyterian Fellowship, God’s Grace also takes its mission “On The Road” before each new school year to abolish obstacles that arise when people have transportation issues. The initiative clothes more than 300 children with a week’s worth of clothes.

League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan activist and grassroots organization that works to  publicize vital issues of political concern. This advocacy group encourages voters to participate in shaping public policy and educating citizens about government and social reform legislation.

Peaceful Valley Heritage and Preservation

Peaceful Valley Heritage’s mission is to foster, preserve and promote the rich history of Brown County, Indiana; Encouraging an interest in local history; Identifying significant historical sites and items found within the county; Providing documentation and records of said significant locations/items. We promote and encourage an interest in Brown County history on the local, national, and international levels, benefiting citizens and visitors, alike.

Rotary Club of Brown County

The Rotary Club of Brown County is part of a worldwide organization founded in 1920. Local members collaborate with other organizations on community projects, like the Village Green Pump House Restoration Project, T.C. Steele Road cleanup and Salvation Army Christmas bell ringing, as well as promote their own awards programs, such as the Community Service Award, Rotary Student of the Month and Year awards and Teachers of the Year awards. The group also sends high school students to the Rotary Youth Leadership Training Program and participates in the Rotary student exchange program. Rotary also provides “I Like Me” books to the county’s kindergarten students.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Brown County serves families in need by distributing clothing, furniture, household goods and small appliances received through donations to people who are in need. The group, which consists of volunteers, also maintains partnerships with food banks and community organizations to address hunger and poverty.